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Hey there from the Design Bees hive – it's us, two hands-on art enthusiasts and our creatively inspiring cat, here in our cozy studio in the Netherlands. We combine the charm of handmade art with the cool edge of technology. Yes, every piece of wall art we create is handmade and hand-painted – it's our labor of love, sprinkled with a bit of tech magic!

We meticulously select sustainable, eucalyptus-based wood and avoid all nasty chemicals. Our days are filled with the buzz of creativity, as we use the latest technology to turn our ideas into tangible art. And then it's all about the brush, the colors, and our imagination bringing each piece to life.

But hey, it's not just about the process; it's about the passion and hard work that goes into each creation. We believe in making art that is accessible, yet exquisitely unique – a fusion of hard work, artistic flair, and a touch of craftsmanship.

Come and join us on our art adventure – a place where technology and tradition come together, and where each piece tells a story of dedication, innovation, and lots of heart (and paws!)

We zetten ons in om de beste service te bieden, geweldige producten te maken en zorg te dragen voor het klimaat.

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